Cross Cultural Communication Paper.

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DATE: 05/13/2012

Cross-cultural communication is a communication involving two different cultures, as am going to compare and contrast the American business culture and the Japanese business culture, I will looking in to some of the following factors that makes both these cultures different from each other, these includes cultural differences, language challenges, greetings, non-verbal communication, attitudes and behaviors, customers and etiquette, gender roles, the nature of authority, and humor. Here are the difference between the American business culture and the Japanese business culture. There are many forms of business communication behaviors. Different organizations from different cultures tend to run their business in different manners, this include decision making activities, problem solving, future forecasting, and other issues within a business. The differences do not stop on the organizational level managers of different cultures generally has their own personal style of managing their subordinates as well. These differences are interesting to study because of the increase in globalization. Different companies within different cultures previously have no need compare their business styles with those of foreign companies. However with the rising of globalization and international competition corporations are derived to take account of business cultures from all over the world. This is necessary in time where they have to make connections with foreign business in to grow or survive. Furthermore , some business behaviors might be better suited in their local environment but contributes poorly within the global environment There are times where changes of culture from local to global culture are necessities . Thus, to compare one business style to another is almost a common activity for economist and businessmen today. So why do we need to know about the Japanese business culture? Asian economy has always been a matter of intense discussion among American scholars. There are predictions from many economist and observers that Asia will be the center of economic growth once the world has entered the new millennium. Although these predictions have not come through as expected, the rapid development of Asian economy is still an important event in the history of world’s economy. Let us take Japan as a representation of the strength of Asian economy. Japan produces some of the most innovative and highest quality products in the world. Since 1970’s, Japanese automakers have been intensely competing with US automakers. Some even believed that they have exceeded the US automakers in some respects. The British motorcycle industry which once considered as the one who brought the ' golden age ' on motorcycle industries has been wiped-out almost entirely by the presence of Japan 's futuristic motorcycles in their local soil. In fact, today, we have seen that Japanese culture is everywhere in the world. Many Americans today are fans of Japanese products since they were children. Japanese products have undeniably infiltrate US social and economic life in the most significant way. The popularity of Kill Bill, Iron Chef, Power Rangers, Hello Kitty, and Anime describes the strong presence of Japanese culture in the United States. Furthermore American businessmen are today learning Japanese business style, more than just to communicate with their Japanese partners, but also to enhance their efficiency in doing business. The acknowledgement given to Japanese culture and their influence is overwhelming in many parts of the world (Palmeri, 2004) The popularity of Japanese culture in most parts of the world brought upon an interesting question for American business people. What are actually the differences between Japanese business culture and...
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