Case Study 13: Leading Effecctive Teams

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Leading Effective Teams
Week 7
MG365 Organizational Behavior

Leading Effective Teams

Review of the Case
You work for Soda Can Company as Executive Director of Stores. Because your company is opening up a new store in 60 days, you have worked quickly to put together a strong team. While not all of the team members you have chosen have a lot of experience, they do have strong performance records. You have also chosen two or three newer employees to the company that have demonstrated eagerness and a desire to learn. Although the store has been meeting its performance expectations since it opened, you have started receiving complaints from your seasoned staff members on the team about the story manager you selected. One of the complaints involved an accusation of bullying by the store manager. Even the company’s newer employees have started asking you questions involving company employee behavior standards and the behaviors they have observed of the store manager. You have gone to lunch with your boss, Elizabeth Zone, and she has asked you about the new store. She wants to know how the new location is doing. You now need to let her know what is going on and how you plan to address the situation and keep the store’s performance level where is expected to perform.

* You work for a company, Soda Can Company, that is opening up a new store location in sixty days. As the company’s Executive Director of stores, you must pull a strong and effective team together quickly. * You pull a team together of experienced people that have strong track records and new people that show and eager attitude and desire to learn. * The store is currently meeting its performance expectations. * You have started receiving complaints about your store manager from one of your experienced workers, one of which includes bullying. * You have received questions regarding the normal behavioral standards expected of your company’s managers from your new staff members because of behaviors they mention seeing in the new store manager. Questions

1. You are at lunch with your boss, Elizabeth Zone, and she has asked you how the new store is doing. What do you say?

You must tell her the truth. It is just as essential to have a good rapport with your boss as it is your employees. At the same time, you can only tell her what you know is fact because of what you have observed. You cannot list someone else’s observations as fact. I would start off by telling her that while the store is meeting its performance expectations, you feel the team is only operating at a performance readiness level 2. It is obvious the team is coming around or it would be unable to meet their performance expectations (level R2, text, pg. 268, par 6). I would explain to Elizabeth that you are aware of some employee discord from employee complaints which you believe is interfering with the team being able to work more effectively together. I would then reassure Elizabeth that you intend to work with the whole team by asking questions to help lead them towards working together to interpret store performance questions and goals as well as help them discover the answers together as a team. Working with the group will not only allow you to view how Jim reacts in group settings, but will also show him how you expect a team meeting to be lead. At this point the team needs some guidance and some developing alternatives. The team needs some encouragement to figure out how to come up with alternatives to the current work format they have that will not only improve working conditions, but should also help lead to a higher performance level from the store. Just because the store is meeting its expectations, doesn’t mean the employees are truly working at their best making sure the store is operating at its best.

2. Elizabeth has years of experience and has offered objective perspectives in the past, and she supports employee development...
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