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Cross-Cultural Psychology
Roberta Menlove
January 29, 2013
Jacquie Nelson

Cross-Cultural Psychology
Culture exist everywhere, it performs a significant function throughout life. Culture expresses itself in every individual’s life. These expressions come in multiple forms such as behavior, appearance, and language. The importance of culture and its influence is demonstrated in the relationship between different cultures and cross-cultures, how individuals use critical thinking as well as the methods used. Definition of Cultural and Cross-Cultural Psychology

Culture is something learned shaping individuals’ behaviors. It is an impermanent factor of individuals’ environment, created by people, and those around them. Culture can shape individuals or influence how they live. Culture can aid in defining individuals, separating one from other. People’s behaviors are influenced by many sources but such causes do not always account for social-cultural conditions. Cultural psychology attempts to connect cultural conditions with psychological theories. Important communication between culture and behavior allow individuals to observe that cognitive operations are changeable results in the kind of atmosphere by which individuals surround themselves (Shiraev & Levy, 2010). Cross-cultural psychology, considered a new concept in the discipline of psychology, recognizes relevant factors amid various cultures. It does not focus on one culture while attempting to explain behaviors or actions of society, instead it addresses several cultures. Cross-cultural psychology attempts to explain and describe similarities and differences in human behavior psychologically with reference to sociocultural and ecological factors (Flowers, n.d.). Culture is not the same as society, race, or ethnicity, however; these elements contribute to individualism. The various approaches used in cross-cultural psychology to help individuals understand how human behavior differs are...
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