Crminal Courtroom Environment

Topics: Jury, Law, Court Pages: 3 (1133 words) Published: November 18, 2010
Seeing the inside of a criminal courtroom can be intimidating upon entering it and can lead a person in asking the question does a criminal courtroom environment have an affect on jurors to come to an impartial decision when deciding guilt or innocence? Most criminal courtrooms across the United States of America has establish a hidden benchmark that the criminal courtroom environment does help set the tone and pace for juries to keep an open mind to come to an unbiased and impartial decision when asked to do so under the strict state guidelines for jurors. Exploring and challenging some of the possibilities to this question can help breakdown what a criminal courtroom environment is made up of ; adding some depth and another level of understanding of the essence of being a juror. First there needs to be some basic knowledge about the courtroom and how it is setup when key personal are present and understanding their roles keeping in mind how a jury is affected in that they are expected to keep an open mind when making an unbiased decision regarding the defendant. A criminal courtroom environment is uniquely different than just your everyday typical courtroom such as small claims, workers’ comp and unemployment appeals; in that attorneys are not present and are not allowed in a small claims courtroom. Bailiffs are not present in most workers’ comp cases or unemployment appeals cases. However across the country upon entering a courtroom right away you feel a presence of some sort of higher archery a sense of a governing of our great land of honor and respect towards the laws of our country. As you walk into a criminal courtroom you notice several immediate things; its quiet there is no talking allowed among one another except by the judge and attorneys and if you need to say something next to the person to you; you are allowed to whisper but cannot hold a conversation whispering you must leave out of the courtroom entirely to hold a...
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