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Courtroom Participation Chart
January 22, 2013
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Courtroom Participant Chart

Complete the following chart.

| |What are the individual’s responsibilities in the |Why is it important for these responsibilities to be | | |courtroom process? |fulfilled adequately? (Consider the effect of | | | |overzealousness as compared with the effect of | | | |underperformance.) | | |A prosecutor is an attorney who has been elected or|The prosecution plays a very important role in the | |Prosecutor |appointed chief of a prosecution agency, |criminal justice system. They are very busy, starting | | |and whose official duty is to conduct criminal |before they even know if they are taking a case. The | | |proceedings on behalf of the people against |prosecution is very much involved in the case with | | |persons accused of committing criminal offenses is |investigating and gathering up everything they need to | | |also called a district attorney, DA, state’s |present to the court. Even setting the appropriate | | |Attorney, county attorney, and U.S. Attorney, and |punishment. Also bargaining plea agreements. If they | | |any attorney that is to assist the chief prosecutor.|choose not to do their job a criminal could get away with| | |In other words, the prosecutor is the one who |whatever the crime is. Basically the prosecution is | | |charges criminal suspects in court. Prosecution is |probably one of the most important roles in the court | | |organized on four levels, federal, state, county and|room. | | |city | | | |A defense attorney is a lawyer who advises, |Much like the prosecution the defense attorney also plays| |Defense attorney |represents and acts for the defendant. All defense |an important role in the criminal justice system. Not all| | |attorneys perform basically the same job, which is |suspected individuals are actually guilty. There for we | | |helping criminal defendants throughout their |need a defense attorney to be the voice of the accused. | | |process. |If a defense attorney chooses not to do their job an | | | |innocent individual could be locked up for life or be put| | | |on death row. Sadly there are people that are wrongly | | | |convicted and their whole life’s are ruined forever. | | |The role of the judge in the courtroom is quite |It is important for these responsibilities to be | |Judge |diverse because not only does a judge preside over a|fulfilled adequately because a judge has be impartial, | | |trial and maintain order, he or she has to determine|fair , unbiased, follow the laws of the state where the | | |whether or not the information presented both by the|case is being tried, as well as the United States | |...
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