Critque of "Our Wall"

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Critique of “Our Wall”

In “Our Wall”, the author, Charles Bowden gives a detailed account of the conflict associated with the wall along the United States-Mexico border. The author makes his points through interviews with many different people along both sides of the border along with historical events and facts. Bowden is a very credible source, with years of experience working in the area and creates a very thorough account of the issue. The author seems to take a stance against the wall, but he does point out the other side of the argument and things that could be good about it. I wish the author would have made his viewpoints more clear because they are a little bit hard to pick up on. Another item I think was missing from the article that could have made it stronger was a statistic.

Bowden forms his article in the form of a story that tells about what is going on in the border town of Naco. Naco was split in two when the wall started to be built. This is where he draws most of his interviews from. He gives the opinions of people on both sides of the wall and tries to show how the wall has made an impact on their lives. He uses the story of Naco to help break down a complicated and controversial issue which is the United States-Mexico border wall.

The most effective point Bowden makes against the wall is when he explains walls throughout history have been ineffective. He gives the Berlin Wall, the Great Wall of China, Hadrian’s Wall, the Maginot Line, and even the rabbit fences of Australia as examples. He points out that all of these walls worked for a little while, but eventually fail. This is a very effective point because the parallel between these walls and ours is indisputable. Supporters of the wall would have a hard time discounting this fact, however a counterargument could simply be that there could always be a first. I believe this fact is one of the strongest parts of the article because I think that if someone was unsure whether to...
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