Crito's Arguments to Plato

Topics: Prison, Critical thinking, Punishment Pages: 1 (300 words) Published: November 28, 2010
Although Crito has many valid and argumentative reasons for Socrates to escape, he is steadfast in his beliefs and dies a martyr. Crito has three main arguments for Socrates to escape his imprisonment. Crito’s first argument is that if Socrates does not escape from prison he would loose a dear friend. There is also the fact that Crito’s reputation would be hurt for not helping his friend escape from jail. The second argument that Crito has is that he fears that Socrates does not want to escape because he does not want to have his friends endure the same punishment that he will. Meanwhile his friends are willing to suffer the consequences of their actions. Socrates responds to this with Crito also mentions that it is fairly easy to pay off the guards who would rat them out. Crito's third and final argument to Socrates is that of his children and how he is to be responsible for them and how it is his responsibility to raise them and educate them. “Shrodes 786”

Socrates argues with Crito that it is never good to do injustice. Helping Socrates escape would certainly be doing an injustice and that is why Socrates does not want to escape. Almost all of the arguments Crito gives to Socrates are that regarding the public and what they would think of Socrates had he escaped. Socrates being quite intelligent and a very smart man realizes that he should listen to what he believes and not what the public does and stay and be a martyr. Yes I think Socrates was right in saying what he said about if he escaped how he wouldn’t be considered a martyr and if he did how the people would look down upon him and his name.
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