Critique of "The Perfect Picture"

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Critique: The Perfect Picture by James Alexander Thom

The Perfect Picture depicts an incident in which a fatality occurs. The accidental death of a child by the hands her grandfather. But this isn’t the real incident, the real one comes when the young police reporter goes to take a picture of the scene, in which people would see the pain, suffering, grief and despair clearly. It was going to be the perfect picture, but he made the decision not to take it. He felt that us humans have been desensitized, that incidents like these are just normal parts of our everyday lives and that moments like that should remain personal, we shouldn’t intrude if it’s not to make the person feel better or comfort them.

The language used was appropriate. The author was very descriptive when he needed to be yet it was very simple and concise. This makes the story be very attractive to the readers, it makes them get involved in the story emotionally and have a better understanding of what the author is trying to convey. The author supports my generalizations and conclusions in paragraphs 10 through 14. Here he highlights the emotional state of the situation and him being unable to interrupt that moment because he realized how insensitive it would have been and it would only lead to human entertainment. When it comes to relaying the message, the author does a good job at it.

He got me to agree to his opinion very easily because his story is very emotive and deals with an accidental death, yet the message isn’t strictly about that, but about how other’s pain and suffering become ordinary and even entertainment for us humans, about how insensitive we have become.

I believe this story not only relates to me but to everyone because today we see tragedies happen daily. We don’t...
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