The Perfect Picture

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  • Published : January 30, 2013
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The Perfect Picture

Fifteen years ago an accident happened that was a picture moment waiting to be taken by a rookie reporter. In some cases it seemed like everything was planned out just for a rookie reporter to get his big time moment. The picture was set: a distraught worn down grandfather, his granddaughter wrapped in a clean white sheet with an atmosphere of a simple home. All James Alexander Thom had to do was take a simple picture of the scene, but it wasn't that simple. The depressing scene caused Thom to rethink and no matter if it was just a simple photo to take Thom morals stopped himself from taking it. Judge Thom all you want and say Thom was wrong for not taking “the perfect picture”, but honestly who can say that was a picture worth taking just because that's what Thom job.

Everything happened so fast in just a day. It all was just a normal day until the unexpected happen. A grandfather just trying to spread the good dirt happened to come across someone he didn't want to come across. The grandfather had no idea that it would become one of the most horrific days that the grandfather will never forget. The day was almost over with for the grandfather. He was just about done spreading the dirt until he came across a bumpy part on the ground that caused some alarm. The grandfather got out to see that what was the cause of the bumpy part in the ground. It was his granddaughter laying deceased right in front of the grandfather's eyes. The grandfather had run over and killed his granddaughter.

It was now a day full of shock and sadness. The grandfather standing there in disbelief of what had occurred. The unthinkable happened and because of that a life has been taken away. It was unintentional and wasn't ever supposed to happen, but there are some things you cannot control. The entire day was about to change drastically. The grandfather was unaware of what was about to happen because of this. Police cars and TV-news cruisers started to swarm the...
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