Critique for "Introductions in Biomedical Research Articles"

Topics: Introduction, Paragraph, Cultural studies Pages: 2 (416 words) Published: April 2, 2011
The article titled “ Introductions in Biomedical Research Articles” was written by Deng Xudong and She Qiongze, George and published in 2005, Singapore Tertiary English Teachers Society (STETS) & Communication Review, Vol. 4, No. 1. This study aims to find out whether biomedical research articles adhere to Swales’ (1990) Create-A-Research-Space (CARS) model by analysing the introductions of ten biomedical research articles. The introduction of the article is generally well-written in my opinion as there is a clear transition from the general to the specific. Moreover, there is also good use of hedging in the article, which I shall elaborate on in the following paragraphs.

The authors started off the introduction generally by introducing the territory through discussion of the different components of an academic writing in the first paragraph and then going on to talk about the studies done to show the applicability of the CARS model in research articles of various disciplines. Next, they narrowed it down to the specific by establishing the niche as shown in the following paragraph quoted from the article:

“However, relatively little research has been done specifically on research article introductions alone. Two recent exceptions are Anthony’s (1999) study of Software Engineering and Samraj’s (2002) studies of Conservation Biology and Wildlife Behaviour. Both these studies have revealed disciplinary variation in the structure of introductions in these disciplines. This finding points to the need for more in-depth study of this genre in specific disciplines.”

Finally, the authors narrowed it down even further by occupying the niche. They explained the scope of their work which is the analysis of the introductions of ten biomedical research articles. They also explained the significance of their work which is the lack of studies on introductions of research articles. This systematic approach from the general to the specific makes the article very...
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