Critique 5

Topics: Pablo Picasso, Museum of Modern Art, Cubism Pages: 4 (1220 words) Published: January 23, 2013
Final Critique.
Valentina Pecoraro
Professor: Silva.

“The Dream”
Pablo Picasso
Oil on Canvas 130x97cm


The Dream is one of the many extraordinary paintings made by Pablo Picasso in 1932. The work is oil on a large rectangular canvas (130x97cm). At first glance, one can observe a blonde woman sleeping in a big chair with her head resting on her right shoulder. The woman’s hands are gently placed in her lap creating a semi-pray position; one can see that one of the woman’s breasts is coming out from her dress. Moreover, it can be determine that the couch is situated in the middle of two rooms because the background is separated with two different mosaics. In this painting, Picasso used a lot of brilliant colors. He used red-orange for the superior and half inferior part of the couch, yellow-orange for the other inferior half, yellow for the woman’s hair, pale pink and light peach for the woman’s skin, dark green and purple for the rectangular object in the woman’s hands. There are also various types of green for one part of the background and red and burgundy for the other part of the background. There are a lot of shapes in this painting. First of all, the mosaics in the background make regular shapes such as diamonds, circles, and so on. One part of the background is composed by diamonds that are arranged in pattern; these diamonds have little flowers inside. The other part of the background (The left side) has vertical and horizontal lines. The head of the woman makes an oval shape and the body, however, makes an irregular shape: a big mass with no determined name. The lines are very important in this painting; the lines do not only create all the shapes but also separates the shapes between one and the other. Picasso used actual and directional lines in this painting. Looking at The Dream one cannot tell what time of the day is; however, one can certainly say that there is a light that is illuminating the right part of the painting....
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