Critical Thinking and Tip Graduate

Topics: Critical thinking, Learning, Psychology Pages: 1 (334 words) Published: March 2, 2013
Ayuste, Hassel Anthony P. Dr. Leonila, Santiago Cruz BSMT/MT12KA3

How the Subject MPSY123 Helps attain the TIP Graduate Attributes?

The subject MPSY123 helps attain the TIP Graduate Attribute in Communication skills by having English language every MPSY123 subject. Every time we finish some topic our professor always asks us of what we’ve learned on it and she assigned us to write a reflection paper like this in English language with a minimum of 200 words. Every time we’re in discussion we participate by reciting and if we recited with wrong grammar she correct it right away and she also correct the correct pronunciation. The MPSY123 also helps in critical thinking by practicing to solve problems. I still remember when our professor gave us some problems and she let us solve it. She also gave me a situation than made me think deep, a situation where we’re in a sinking ship and the captain was trapped then, she ask us what to do if it is to save ourselves or to save the captain and because of that problems my critical thinking skill was practiced. Then, in Lifelong Learning it helps us be doing a research papers because when I was in high school, I don’t usually make research but now I do research because of this subject and it’s not just a simple research like copy paste. It’s a research with learning at the same time also in books, I don’t usually use book in studying but this subject make me realize how to use book in learning. And I can use that even thought I finish the MPSY123 subject. Productivity, it helps us by using computers in research works and we use usb to transfer files. In Social and Ethical Responsibilities, it helps us to get along to other people. In MPSY123 subject we’ve grouped to report the assigned topics and in because of that groupings we can have new friends. The best lesson I’ve learned is how important education is.
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