Critical Thinking and Debate

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Argumentation and Debate
Critical Thinking for Reasoned Decision Making

Late, John Carroll University

University of Miami

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To Dr. Austin J. Freeley and Trudy. David L. Steinberg

Brief Contents

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9

Critical Thinking

1 19

Applied and Academic Debate Stating the Controversy 43 60 86

Analyzing the Controversy Exploring the Controversy Evidence 105 126

Tests of Evidence

The Structure of Reasoning Types of Reasoning 169


Chapter 10 Obstacles to Clear Thinking Chapter 11 Requirements of the Case

188 204 214

Chapter 12 Building the Affirmative Case Chapter 13 Building the Negative Case Chapter 14 Refutation iv





Chapter 15 Presenting the Case: Composition Chapter 16 Presenting the Case: Delivery Chapter 17 Evaluating the Debate 314 300


Chapter 18 Academic Debate Formats and CrossExamination 332 Chapter 19 Applied Parliamentary Debate 356




Chapter 1

Critical Thinking 9 11


I. Debate 6 II. Individual Decisions III. Group Discussion IV. Persuasion 12 V. Propaganda 13

VI. Coercion 14 VII. Combination of Methods VIII. Ethical Decision Making Exercises 17

15 16

Chapter 2 Applied and Academic Debate I. Applied Debate 20 II. Academic Debate 24 III. Ethical Standards for Debate Exercises Chapter 3 41 Stating the Controversy 45 43 38


I. Defining the Controversy

II. Phrasing the Debate Proposition 45 III. Presumption and Burden of Proof 48




IV. Types of Debate Propositions Exercises Chapter 4 58


Analyzing the Controversy 61


I. The Importance of Defining Terms II. Methods of Defining Terms 63 III....
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