Critical Success Factor

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  • Published: March 11, 2013
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|Business Information Systems 2012/13 – IT Systems Strategy |December 15 | | |2012 | |This assignment will analyse and examine the importance and relevance of ‘Information Audit’, ‘Critical Success |Summative Assignment | |Factors’ and ‘Competitive Intelligence’, in the success of an organisation, relating the analysis and findings into| | |a chosen organisation. | |

Table of Contents

Information Audit2

Critical Success Factor4

Figure: 1 – Earl’s Critical Success Factor approach (Earl, 1989, p.72)5

MITIE Critical Success Factors Analysis:6

1.Business Objectives.6

2.Critical Success Factors.6

3.(IS) Information Systems Needs6

Competitive Intelligence7



MITIE is the organisation selected for this analysis and examination of ‘Information Audit’, ‘Critical Success Factors and ‘Competitive Intelligence’. MITIE is an abbreviation of ‘MANAGEMENT INCENTIVE THROUGH INVESTMENT EQUITY’, an organisation which governs and provides facilities, energy and properties for contracted clients across the UK and internationally, although it is only just in the small scale, but with a great chance to expand. MITIE also offers services in consulting on property and energy strategy to delivering world class facilities services, ( MITIE has been around for over 25 years and...
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