Critical Review on the Importance of Sexual Education to Adult Immigrants

Topics: Immigration, Immigration to the United States, E-participation Pages: 3 (872 words) Published: March 27, 2013
The subject of my assignment is Providing for the Sexual Health Needs of Canadian Immigrants: The Experience of Immigrants from Iran. The article was collaboratively written by Eleanor Maticka-Tyndale, Khosro Refaie Shirpak, and Maryam Chinichian. It speaks of the sexual health needs of immigrants as mentioned in the title but also the barriers and complications immigrants face attaining those needs. As well as what we could do to fix this problem. I found this article to be informative and the points it made to be valid. It also backs up its statements with research and statistics. I plan to discuss the points it makes and their implications in a positive and negative light.

The author begins with speaking about the importance of sexual education. How in Canada it focuses on adolescence but completely overlooks adult immigrants that are not taught it in their native country. This article attains its information and makes its points by having semi-structured qualitative interviews with immigrants from iran. Iran sees being open about sexuality much different then we do, it is seen as shameful and wrong. Participants were all married couples and were recruited using snow-ball sampling. Selection of participants focused on a balance that equally represented different ages groups, genders, level of education, length of marriage, and time in Canada. The questions asked had three main themes: experience accessing sexual health services and information, desired content for sexual health information and services, and preferred location and methods of providing sexual health information and services.

The argument this article conveys is the difficultly for adult immigrants to attain crucial sexual education due to certain key problems. Firstly it is difficult for immigrants to to adjust to a society where sexuality is seen much differently than their native country. Here sexuality is in advertisements, television shows, movies, and even public interactions....
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