Critical Lense Essay

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  • Published : May 2, 2013
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They kicked him mercilessly. The frail old man’s blood splattered on the dirt, camouflaging with the deep brown of the mud. They were in broad daylight and yet no one tried to stop the SS officers from beating the man. Strangers, children and friends were forced to watch as their fellow Jew bled to his death. He mumbled a short prayer and was taken from this world. During the Holocaust, Hitler tried his best to eliminate the Jews from the world. This force of evil lasted for approximately six years and successfully killed over six million Jews. However, his goal was not accomplished. We, as Jews, are proof of that. “In literature evil often triumphs, but never conquered.” Sometimes it seems like evil will conquer all the good in the world and it looks like there is no hope left, but in the end the good will always be there. We see this in Macbeth, by William Shakespeare and A child called it, by Dave Pelzer. These two works of literature clearly show the reality of this quote. Evil is portrayed throughout the story of Macbeth and it seems like the evil will last forever up until the very end. This is revealed to us by using the literary elements of characterization and foreshadowing. By analyzing Lady Macbeth’s character we see that throughout the story she is evil. She’s power hungry and ruthless and will do anything to get the one thing she wants; power .It seems as if Lady Macbeth is unstoppable until she kills herself. We see evil through Macbeth’s character as well. He started off as brave and loyal, but after he committed multiple acts of murder to try to gain control of the throne, evil overcame him. He started killing even though it wasn’t necessary, he no longer cared about his country but rather the power he had over his country. It seemed like Macbeth’s reign would last forever but then Macduff killed him in battle, and evil was defeated. Finally, Shakespeare uses the three witches as main sources of foreshadowing. In the play they are shown as...
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