Critical Lens Essay

Topics: Odyssey, Odysseus, Homer Pages: 3 (844 words) Published: January 30, 2013
Sabah Lala
Dr. Postiglione
English 9H
29th November 2012
Success is to achieve something that we truly long for. “Sometimes failure is more beneficial than success.” Written by Darren Roberts. This is a very inspiring quote for all species of mankind. I agree rightfully with this quote as it states that even sometimes there are ups and downs, falls and disruptions in life, but those problems make us even stronger and prevent us from making the same mistake and make us more successful in life. Although, if losing things sometimes make us closer to something we want, we must make a go for it. As In Homers’, The Odyssey, and Nancy’s’, The House of The Scorpion, the main characters deal with personal loss and face many hardships, but finally reach to their own respected homes and families, safe and soundly.

In Homers’, The Odyssey, the main character faces many hardships, but ultimately is successful by meeting and re-uniting with his loved ones. The idea which relates the quote with this book is that in The Odyssey, Odysseus faces tons of trials and tribulations as well as tough challenges like the time when he stayed patiently in Calypso, the enchantress’s isolated island for 7 years, but shortly after that long term patience he received help and reached home safely to his family and friends, and got his kingdom back. Also, when he lost 6 of his best men while dealing with the monstrous 6- headed sea monster of gray rock Scylla, but that lead him a step ahead to reach home, to his loved ones and re-unite with them, which Odysseus longed to do for over 20 years and this was his success. As the quote explains that you have to experience failure in order to gain success, is what exactly happens to Odysseus. The best literally element that relates Homers’, The Odyssey, is conflict. Conflict comes of two types- external and internal. We are talking about external conflict meaning the struggle between two or more characters. Odysseus and his men had a terrible...
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