Critical Incident Analysis

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Contemporary Challenges in Mental Health Care Provision and Management 2 B73M20 Cohort 09/09 Student ID: 20328

Assignment: Critically analyse an incident experienced whilst in practice, allowing opportunity to explore professional responsibilities, concepts of care management and the impact of health policy/legislation on care provision. You should demonstrate fitness of practice (NMC, 2008).

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14 May 2012

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Introduction This paper will critically analyse an incident that occurred during my placement on a forensic low secure unit. The Low secure unit provides multidisciplinary treatment and care for male patients aged between eighteen and sixty-four with serious mental disorders who require the provision of appropriate security underpinned by the principles of rehabilitation and risk management. The Green Lister and Crisp (2007) model will be used to critically analyse and reflect on the incident. There are many models of reflection but The Green Lister and Crisp Model (2007) was chosen because it enables an in-depth analysis of the pertinent management and ethical issues arising from the incident. The model allows a comprehensive analysis of the incident because of its detailed and logical structure when compared to other models. The analysis will consider various

management issues that had an impact on the incident and I will take into account both the individual service user and the policies surrounding the incident. Brotherton and Parker (2008) propose that using frameworks can help to guide reflective processes. Schwester (2012) states that the use of identified models of reflection and critical incident analysis are needed to assist practitioners and scholars alike in both preparedness and response to incidents. Critical incidents, are events that offer meaningful opportunities for reflection to learners, the events can be mundane or major occurrences (Rolfe et al, 2001). Daly et al (2010) define a critical incident as an event that is remembered as important to a learner for the purpose of reflection, the learner benefits from the outcomes of a critical analysis of the event. Carless et al (2006) argue that critical incident analysis is an important technique which encourages learners to make the transition from theory to practice. Incidents are valuable in nursing because they enable students to develop their interpersonal communication skills in the real life situations on practice. Clamp et al (2004) posit that incidents are of particular value because it is reality that is being described rather than hypothetical situations.

ID No: 20328

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Account of the incident The Code (NMC, 2008) requires confidentiality to be maintained at all times therefore I will use pseudonyms throughout this assignment. During a night shift Mark informed the nurse on duty that he had seen two patients having sexual intercourse. The following morning after Mark’s report, a group of five clients including the two who allegedly had been intimate were escorted to a restaurant. While in the restaurant Mark said that he had seen Tom and Harry having sex, and he added that the ward staff were aware of the incident. He told this could be confirmed since ward staff had been informed. A verbal altercation ensued and the clients were returned to the ward. Upon returning to the ward, nursing notes were checked. Mark’s report of the incident was not documented by the nurse and had not been communicated to other members of staff during that shift or at shift handover. The nurse in charge on the night shift was contacted and he confirmed that Mark had told him about the incident. The nurse said that when he followed up the story he found both Tom and Harry asleep in their rooms. The nurse stated that in his professional judgement he did not take Mark’s story...
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