Critical Analysis of the Film, Banished

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  • Published : March 11, 2013
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Tenzin Palmo Sociology 220 Section 0892 Fall 2012

Critical Analysis of the Film Banished

1. What do you think about the film Banished?

I think the film displayed the banishing of African American in a very detail way. It also exhibits how one individual can make a big positive impact on society. I think the film was little long and very detailed. However, overall it was a highly inspiring film. 2. What part or scene in the film did you like most?

I liked the part where White people of Harrison, Arkansas offered scholarship to the local African American students. They tried to compensate the struggles and difficulty that their ancestor went through. The White people of Arkansas were also guilty of their ancestor’s greediness. Therefore, they tried to extend the helping hand towards African American community.

3. What part or scene in the film did you like least?

I do not like the part when the Black people started marching down the road of Pierce City in a nonviolent way and got attacked. White people started throwing rock at the Black protestor and violently threatened them. I also did not like when the older residents of Arkansas answered, “The another reason why I moved to Arkansas is there is no black people here.” It saddened me to see how some groups of the same species of human beings were treated incorrectly.

4. How...
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