More Than Bows and Arrows

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, United States, Indigenous peoples of the Americas Pages: 1 (356 words) Published: March 7, 2013
More than Bows and arrows

Overall, I found this film very surprising. I never realized how many Native American achievements that have been overlooked in today’s society. Native Americans have done so much to affect the formation of today’s country that it is astonishing. They have made so many contributions that I had never realized prior to this film. I thought that some of the most important contributions were irrigation techniques and medical procedures. Religion also played a vital role in shaping America today. Native Americans literally were involved in the development of nearly all aspects of America including sports and food. This film is an important one because it shines light on the long forgotten Native Americans. They made contributions in architecture, fishing, schools, industry materials, and government to name a few. I enjoyed the film because it is a celebration of Native Americans cultural contributions. I never realized how much has been overlooked. The film is also effective in disproving countless stereotypes that depict the typical Native American as some sort of savage warrior who is illiterate and misinformed. This could not be more far from the truth and must be corrected. Most of these stereotypes have been shaped by Hollywood television. It’s important to eliminate these stereotypes of Native Americans. Today, I believe that when most people think of an Indian they think of a crazy half naked man screaming through the forest with bows and arrows. This is contrary to the truth that many Indian societies were incredibly civilized and organized. This occurred in many different ways many of which have been incorporated into American life today. In the end, this film was very effective in shining light upon the issue. I think it’s great that this video has become so widespread and I hope that this trend will continue. That way, more people can understand the issue at hand. I cannot believe that some individuals can be so naïve and that...
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