Crisis Diplomacy

Topics: European Union, African Union, Council of the European Union Pages: 4 (1340 words) Published: September 12, 2012
This essay will focus on the organisations involved in Libya and will discuss the diplomatic intervention that the organisations used in the Libyan crisis. The essay will firstly define the important factors and explain how everything works together. Diplomacy is defined as the conducting of negotiations between representatives of states. This may refer to international diplomacy, the conduct of international relations through the communication of professional diplomats in the essence of certain issues such as peace-making, economics, cultures, trade, war, environment and human rights (Feaver, 2010). The main case study to be focused on will be that of Libya and how the EU AND AU were involved in the diplomatic intervention in Libya. The diplomatic intervention mainly used in the crisis was crisis diplomacy. Aquilina and Tompkins (2000) explained that “Crisis diplomacy is a collective approach to international crisis diplomacy and this is to effectively manage international crises or possible conflicts in order to achieve just peace, stability, and prosperity in the international system”. The brief background information on the EU will help with knowing exactly how it helped in Libyan crisis and in what ways. The European Union is made of a group of countries in Europe which joined forces in order to mutually benefit. The United Kingdom joined the group in 1973. The inspiration for the European Union grew out of the desolation that was brought to Europe through the two wars as well as the great economic depression. It is an economic and political object and is made of 27 member states situated in Europe. It was firstly formed by six countries in 1951 to 1958 respectively and with time other countries started to join ( The European Union works through self-governing institutions and intergovernmental discussed decisions by the member states. The European commission Humanitarian aid office makes available humanitarian aid from the European Union to...
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