Criminology Gender Blind

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‘’Is criminology "gender-blind" : women and crime’’

Brilly Amancio


Criminal Justice 212


Prof: Christopher Geraghty

Brilly Amancio

Is criminology "gender-blind" : women and crime( by and against)

Woman in Criminology has a really big change from back in the days till now.

Before woman where not that involved in crime either if it was in the good side

like being a cop, detective, lieutenant, or of it was in the bad side, as to being the

one committing the crime. Criminology, as with all academic disciplines, was a

male-dominated sphere. Men regarded the world through a very narrow lens, and

the experiences of women rarely provoked serious interest.

Back in the days woman where more likely to stay home, cook, take care of kids

and wait for their husbands to get home, not even work. Woman were not much

socialized with society other than other woman and did not spend much time in

the streets as men did. Woman were not viewed as a big factor in society rather

than the male which was the man working to bring food home. There were not

much activity for a woman to be out in the streets much as too like sports and

jobs. Very few of them would practice one of those options.

Where woman were mostly considered as as a criminal was with prostitution. This

was the most popular crimes for woman since it was hard to find a woman or a

young girl being in a gang since back in the days there was more discipline with

kids and woman depended on their husbands.

Men were more involved in crimes since they were in the streets more, hanging

out with friends, playing sports or working since women were not really able to

work much or just believes were much different back then. Most police officers,

detectives, judges or anything involved with law enforcement were men.

Now a days everything is equal, there is as much woman involved in crimes and

the law enforcement just like men. Ever since woman became more independent

they have been more involved in crimes as such as stealing, murdered, kid

napping and a ton of different other crimes. When woman first started getting

more involved in crimes was more with an influence of men. Either a lover or

close friends. Now they make their decisions to be involved in crimes by

themselves just like men do.

Accordin g to and this is their explination of why there

are more woman in jail right now ‘’ Carlen summarises the responses given as

thus: (1) more women are committing violent crimes; (2) more women who

would not have previously gone to prison are going due to increasing involvement

with drugs; (3)more black women are going to prison so racism may be the key; or

(4)prison is being used to incarcerate the same social categories for women that it

always has – the destitute, the most obviously gender deviant, and the mentally

disturbed – but the numbers of women presenting themselves in these categories

have increased with growing economic inequality (Carlen, 1998: 51).

Another explanation is that women are becoming more violent, indeed the

proportion of female prisoners under sentence for crimes of violence against the

person was indeed (at 20 per cent) only two present less than the proportion of

male prisoners. Fletcher (1975, in Carlen, 1998: 52) supports this view: ‘It is

undoubtedly the case that the level of convictions of violence against the person

has increased among women.’ However, he also points out that, ‘the female

prison population has … risen steeply whilst serious convictions have actually

fallen’; suggesting that this may be due to longer sentences being served. As will

be seen later, it is much more likely that it is the increase in more punitive

sentencing for trivial crimes that is more likely to offer an explanation.

Things have changed a lot...
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