Education Is the Only Key of Life for Turkish Women

Topics: Marriage, Wife, Woman Pages: 4 (1307 words) Published: March 29, 2012
Essay question: Do Turkey and /or Turkish women gain or lose if women are educated and

have jobs? Why? Why not?

Education is The Only Key of Life For Turkish Women Education right, right to vote and stand for election are basic rights of humanbeings and the elements of democracy. These rights are essential to prove the existence of a person in

society. Altough, these rights were given to Turkish women before many western countries, Turkey fell behind in applying and improving these rights. In many parts of Turkey, women are not allowed to use their rights and it is still debated that should women have job, should they get education and basically, how women should live. Even if, there are many dissenting opinions about if women should be educated or not, Turkish women should be educated to be able to get their economic freedom and be aware of their rights..

Being able to make own decisions, living independent is crucial necessity for people and

having economic freedom is the first step to be independent. However, in Turkey, either

women are not allowed to work or they prefer to be housewifes. When they are not married,

they live with their families and they depend on them, after they marry, they are

dependent on their husbands. Either way, they never live their life the way they want to and

they are content with what they have. In Turkey, if a woman works, she is accused of not

being good mother or wife. Yet, on the contrary, if woman work, she feels herself productive,

effective, social and only then,she gains self-confidence. Meghan O’Rourke says, “Only

by working, can women can have a fully "flourishing" life” As she says, only a working

woman gets whatever she wants and so, she becames more beneficial for her families. Also, if

women work, she supports family financially and it brings to having high life standards.

However, in patriarchal societies, being...
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