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Foreign Literature
Criminology is a highly interdisciplinary field, which most heavily leans on sociology, but also incorporates psychology, biology, anthropology, law, and other fields. The science of criminology has improved in the past few years and it helps us to turn our world into a safer place. Crime is an inescapable associate of modern life. The effective measures to control criminal behavior are the reasons behind the development of criminology. , This discipline is devoted to developing valid and reliable information that address the causes of crime as well as crime patterns and trends. Not like detectives or investigators, whose opinions about crime can be colored by personal experiences, biases, and values, criminologist remain objective as they study crime and its consequences. Sutherland and Donald Gressey Scope of criminology includes processes of making laws, processes of breaking laws and processes of reacting toward the breaking the laws. Brief History of Criminology Demonic Perspective (Middle Ages, 1200-1600), Classical School (the late 1700s and the early 1800s ), Neo-classical school (emerged between 1880 and1920 and is still with us today), Positivism (the mid 1800s and early 1900s) and Sociological Criminology (mid 1800s till now). Demonic Perspective satanic possession dominated the way people thought. People who violated the natural order of things were accused of being witches and the punishment for witchcraft was to be burned at the stake. There are two model of Demonic Perspective, Temptation Model describes people as a weak and temptations to sin are impossible to avoid. Used by religious societies as ways of controlling their deviant populations for serious deviants, capital punishment would be a final solution. The second model is Possession model one way of "curing" the individual is through exorcism-a religious ritual aimed at jettisoning the unclean spirit from the body. Classical school (Cesare Beccaria and Jeremy Bentham)...
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