Crime Control

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The Cause of Crime

The Cause of Crime

The Cause of Crime

In 2007, 11,251,828 crimes were committed each day in the U.S, with 1,408,337 of them considered violent ( & culture). The crime rate has decreased significantly since then. Despite years of study and research, crime experts are still not certain why people commit crime or why some people become crime victims (Siegel, Worral, 2012 pg90). There are many reasons why millions of Americans commit crime today. For example unemployment, there’s people who have problems and are seeking attention, there’s also people who are battling with certain disorders (bipolar, personality disorder etc.) 1% of Americans have Antisocial Personality Disorder (APD). The majority of people with the disorder end up involved in crime ( There are people who have faced traumatic events in their lifetime and they turn to drugs or alcohol. More than 50% of serious crimes committed in the United States are drug or alcohol related. There are also people who there are three theories that I would like to discuss. 1. Latent Trait Theory

2. Cognitive Theory
3. Psychodynamic Theory
Wynter 2

Latent trait, a theory that indicates that human development is controlled by a master trait present at birth or soon after. Cognitive theory focus on the way a person thinks and stores information. Psychodynamic theory indicates that some people encounter problems during their early development that cause an imbalance in their personality (J. Siegel L. Worral pgs. 102-103 & 119). In my own opinion latent theory is a theory that explains latent structure, whereas cognitive theory is a theory that is concerned with ones thought process. If you think about it...
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