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  • Published : March 9, 2013
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i) Identify the problems clearly
Slim Gyms is a company which owns and operates six health and leisure clubs in Manhattan. It has a gymnasium, an aerobic studio, a swimming pool and lots more. In recent months, Slim Gyms is facing the problem of profits fell due to many members have not renewed their membership and the club is unable to attract sufficient number of new members.

ii) Practical and Theory olutions
Slim Gyms wants to hire a general manager to boost the sales at the clubs and increase profits. There are four short-listed candidates Guildo Passerelli, David Chen, Gloria Daniels and Martine Lemaire. As the Directors of Slim Gyms, we have interviewed and discussed the strengths and weakness of each candidate and have chosen David Chen as the best candidate for the job.

There are few reasons we chose David. Firstly, I would like to mention in United Kingdom country it has been stated that the age of retire is 60 years old. Guildo married with three children and he is 52 years old. This shown that he is unable to focus on his task and work in other country because Guildo has to take care of his families. He is a father and the families need him. Besides that, he will need to retire when he is 60 years old. This shown that he is only able to work for 8 years and is too old to be a general manager. Gloria has two children and she has married too. She able to work more than 10 years yet she has to take care of her two children. Slim Gyms Company has six health and leisure clubs in Manhattan and she is unable to work there because the children need her. It is impossible she brings along her kids and husband to Manhattan because her husband has to work too. For Martine, she has two children yet she has divorced. She has to put much more effort in taking care of her children because she is the only mother that the two children has. David Chen is single and he is 40 years old. Compared to the 3 of them, this has shown that he can really focus on his...
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