Creativity and Aging Brain

Topics: Psychology, Old age, Cognition Pages: 2 (417 words) Published: October 29, 2012
Creativity and Aging Brain

Shirley J. Reese

Psychology 210
April 08, 2010

Creativity and the Aging Brain
Scholars have suspected for decades that the process of aging is kinder to the creative, active, and flexible mind. Today, there is more convincing evidence than ever before to support the importance of creativity and the aging brain. Keeping and open mind help your brain age successfully. The main purpose of this article is to promote society into creative thinking as the brain age instead of promoting retirement at age 65. A study done by psychologist Lynn Hasher and her group at the University of Toronto found that older participants were more distractible than their younger counterparts. The older participants groups were able to take the distracting information to solve problems afterwards. Also, the change into a creative field where our growing resource of individuals with aging brain can preserve their wisdom in culturally-valued works of art, music, or writing. Studies have shown that, as cognitive learning during middle age is essential to promote life long learning. Physical and creative activity allows the brain to function in a way that promotes healthy brain stimulation. This stimulation allows vast amounts of communication. The main reason for flexibility of the brain, even in old age, is that the brain is a communications organ of amazing power.

According to Cohen “the behavior of the brain’s owner is sometimes as important to healthy mental functioning as are bio-chemical and genetic factors. The new model of the brain requires certain behavioral disciplines”(Cohen, 2001). Creativity in the brain is significant in older age referring to Erik Erikson’s eight stages of human growth. These stages begin with early childhood and move through adolescence to the last stage, mature adulthood, characterized, according to Erikson, by a conflict between integrity and despair.


The influence of...
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