Creative Writing: a Modern Fairytale

Topics: The Starry Night, Cinderella, Prince Charming Pages: 2 (532 words) Published: October 8, 2012
Once upon a time… I hate to begin with this, starting it off as if it’s a happy story, a story that will have the ending of the famous last words; happily ever after. I will start this story again, this time with a different set out. One day, there was a young naïve girl named Mia who believed in ‘happily ever after’ and thought she had found her prince charming. Everything was perfect, beautiful romantic dates under the starry night and long walks by the seaside until one day she found out that their definition of the ‘perfect teenage romance’ was to the extremes.

Mia was a happy go lucky, cheerful girl. She was easily pleased and believed everything people said. During a high school formal, Mia’s crush since she was primary 6 asked her out. She did not know him very well but quickly fell head over heels for him. His mesmerizing blue eyes shimmering like sapphires, perfectly symmetrical face with a strong chin, sparkling blond hair and not to mention the sweetest ever pick up lines made him irresistible. Their first date felt like a fairytale. He was a gentleman, pulling out the chair for her during a fine dining session in a French restaurant, giving her his jacket when it was getting chilly… Mia was on cloud nine. Never did she imagine that such blissful happiness existed. They met up for lunch under a big oak tree everyday at school and they laughed and danced through happy days. She would whistle and birds would come out and play while he would place kisses on her lips like Cinderella's charming prince. Not long after, they were seen everywhere together, almost like each other’s shadows, inseparable.

But unlike famous fairy tales, the kiss was not the end of the tale, far from it and there were no happy endings. Mia’s so-called prince charming was so different from that of Cinderella's. Platonic love wasn’t enough for Mia’s prince, he felt that something was still lacking. Mia’s much less refined prince wanted something that...
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