Creating a Healthy City

Topics: Pollution, United States Environmental Protection Agency, Environmental health Pages: 3 (980 words) Published: March 30, 2013
Creating a Healthy City
Environmental health should be a great concern for each individual person as well as our nation and the whole world. Environmental health addresses all the physical, chemical, and biological factors affecting health and our environment.t which includes air, land and water. Environmental health extents to the chemical we use such as BPA and the effects it can and may have on our children, fuel in the economy and additional sources of fuel, building green, environmental disease and sources of energy in which all of these items can have an effect on the environment and our health. Here are other aspect of environment health that I would have never consider to be part of our concern or environment; but have just as of an impact as anything else. Bioterrorism warfare is critical because without the governments’ prevention and methods many of us could be affected by chemical warfare. This weapon can kill and destroy our very lives. Buying locally is another expect of environmental heath that is critical to our community is buying our food locally from farmers and growers in our area. This is a great benefit of knowing more about where your food comes from. It so much more too environmental health in which I do not have the time to discuss. One major item is creating a healthy environment in our communities and cities to help established a better life. Bottom of FormCreating a healthy city is to improved living conditions and better health services in association with various development activities by incorporate different ways to make the city healthy. By creating a healthy city would be committing to the development and maintenance of physical and social environments which support and promote better health and quality of life for residents. Building a health City would be to consider green building, recycling, educating and protecting the water, air and land in which residents maintain their living. Maintaining a healthy environment is...
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