Creating Doc with Mail Merge

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Creating Documents With Mail Merge
Everything you need to know about mail merge is here -- from creating mail merge data sources from within your word processing software to using outside sources for your mail merge. Now is a great time to explore the options that this excellent feature offers.

Inserting a Date Field in Your Document
Inserting the date as a field in your document will ensure that the date on the letters you send is always current. This feature is particularly useful for templates and mail merge documents.

Saving Word Form Data for Use in Excel
Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn't provide a quick option for transferring data from your Word forms into Excel. It can be done quite easily, though, once you know how to do it. [pic]Sponsored Links

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Introduction to Mail Merge
Mail merge is one of the best features of word processing software. If you need to create numerous documents that are similar but require at least a modicum of personalization, learning to use the mail merge feature in Word will save you a lot of time.

Microsoft Word -- Choosing a Mail Merge Data Source
You have numerous options when you create a data file for use in mail merge. It really can be overwhelming at times. If you need help deciding which program to use to create the data file, here’s some advice that will help you make a wise decision.

Microsoft Word -- Highlighting Mail Merge Fields
Proofing your documents is essential when you’re working with mail merge; you’ll want to pay particular attention to the inserted data. If you’re having trouble finding the data that has been inserted in your document, this tip will show you how to have Word highlight the fields for you.

Microsoft Word -- Mail Merge Proofing Tips
As with any document you create, it is important to proofread your mail merge documents for errors. With mail merge, however, there are some mistakes that are easy to introduce into your document. Find out what to look for when you’re reviewing your work.

Microsoft Word -- Mail Merge and Punctuation
When you’re preparing a mail merge, it is a good idea to include the punctuation in the main document rather than including it in the merge field. If you will require different punctuation for different records, then you should read this work-around.

Microsoft Word -- Mail Merge and Verbs
Is subject/verb agreement in mail merge giving you a headache? Here’s a startlingly simple tip that will provide a solution to your problem.

Mail Merge -- Inserting Text Based on the Contents of a Merge Field To cut down the editing time you need to spend on your finalized mail merge documents, Word includes an If...Then feature that will allow you to insert text in your document based on the contents of a mail merge field. This is particularly useful when you want to include text to take the place of a field that doesn't contain data.

[pic]Microsoft Word -- Notes in Mail Merge Fields
Although Word gives you the option of personalizing documents created in mail merge after the data has been merged with the document, it makes more sense to personalize them before you complete the merge.

Microsoft Word -- Using Mail Merge for a Single Document
Puzzled why someone would use mail merge when they only need to create one document? It is a great idea, but there’s a catch…

Using Excel Data in a Mail Merge Process
The interoperability of Word and Excel takes a good thing and makes it even better. If you have Excel worksheets containing data such as names and addresses, you can use them to create personalized letters, invoices, or countless other documents. Can your work get any easier?

Retaining Excel Formats in Mail Merge
Getting the formatting right when you use an Excel data source for mail merge can be extremely frustrating. There are ways to correct the formatting by using switches in the field codes, but it...
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