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Sample Development Area Root Cause Analysis

Employees often target general skills in their development plans (e.g., “I have problems getting projects in on time. I need to work on my project management skills.”). The problem confronting managers is that these skills are usually just symptoms of the root cause. While treating the symptoms can create some improvement, the returns on your coaching efforts are maximized when you focus on the root cause itself. The diagram below provides an example of how different components can actually impact a particular development area:

Sample Root Cause Analysis of an Employee’s Difficulty in Managing Projects

Coaching Plan Template

Coaching plans serve two purposes: they create a foundation for consistent coaching efforts across the development cycle, and they ensure that the manager’s coaching activities are supporting their employees’ development goals. To that end, the coaching plan outlines the responsibilities of both the employee and the manager. The employee’s responsibilities—such as activities and success measures—are generally pulled from his/her development plan to ensure targeted development. The manager’s responsibilities center on the specific coaching activities he/she will perform over the course of the coaching plan, and milestones ensure that coaching obligations are being met. The success of a coaching plan is ultimately decided by the employee’s improvement.

|Sample Coaching Plan | |Employee Name: Loren |Manager Name: Ryan |Date: August 8 | |Employee Responsibilities |Manager Responsibilities | |Development Areas | |Employee Name: |Manager Name: |Date: | |Employee Responsibilities |Manager Responsibilities |

Development Areas |Employee Activities |Success Measures |Manager Activities |Milestones |Target Dates | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

Creating a Coaching Plan Toolkit

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