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  • Published : May 20, 2013
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How to create a account
Mini Design
How to create a account
Mini Design

Submitted By: Sana Nasim & Beenish Bhatti
Submitted By: Sana Nasim & Beenish Bhatti

Group Information
Beenish Bhatti and Sana Nasim are both students at Sheridan College. They are currently enrolled in the Post Graduate Certificate Program in Human Resource Management at the college. Keeping in view the importance of LinkedIn they have selected to teach ‘How to create LinkedIn account’ to Beenish’s brother. LinkedIn is a key networking tool for professionals in virtually any field. It assists in connecting with potential employers, experts or consultants in the field and in finding job opportunities. About The Learner

Hassan Bhatti is Beenish’s brother, he is currently in his final term at the University of Toronto (U of T). Hassan is going to graduate in September from U of T. In order to develop his network and look for job opportunities he needs to create a LinkedIn account which will assist him in job search and networking. NEEDS ASSESSMENT

The major concern for Hassan is that he is about to graduate from the university and needs to acquire a job. He does not have a professional network to assist him in finding any job opportunity. Importance

By creating a business professional profile on LinkedIn Hassan will be able to build his network and connect with alumnus, other professionals, recruiters, professors and classmates. This will thus assist him in acquiring the job and finding opportunities. LinkedIn assists in connecting with professionals without any cost. Only an internet connection is required to create an account, connect to professionals and do networking. OBJECTIVE:

* Given handout, lecture and behaviour modeling Hassan will be able to create a LinkedIn account and add connections to the extent that he has a business professional account with two connections without errors, as evaluated...
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