Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Thai Movie)

Topics: English-language films, Love, Cinderella Pages: 2 (595 words) Published: September 18, 2012
“Crazy Little Thing Called Love”

The movie entitled “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” is a love story of pure innocent love. It is a mixed of an ugly duckling that turned into a beautiful swan and a fairy tale Cinderella that found her Prince with the glass slippers. It placed love in a “younger” spotlight since the cast we’re at their teenage years. We all had that high school moment when we had a crush on someone then wondered if what we felt was love. We have a share of heartaches and heartbreakers who have broke our hearts but taught us the true meaning of love.

The story depicts love in the eye of young people who first experience love and how it affects their lives and their inspirations. Nam is a 7th grade girl with a dark skin, thick glasses, and a school-conformed haircut. She lives with her mother and a younger sister, and helps her mother manage a cafeteria while her father is working in the States as a Thai cook to support their family. Nam hangs out with three close friends; they are often considered as an unattractive girl group in the school. Nam places average in her class rank and the only subject she is good at is English. The other main cast was Shone, a 10th grade boy who is a star of the school. He is a son of a retired soccer player of the town who missed his penalty shot which costs the team their national champion title. From that incident, Shone is frequently teased as "The boy whose father missed the penalty kick". Shone nevertheless plays soccer at school although he refuses to shoot any penalty shot and thus is not part of the school team despite his high skills. Shone's other interest is photography where he is good enough to win a contest.

A heartbreak always give us transformation. Whether it is a heartbreak form a lover or a heartbreak from a frustration or a dream. In the movie, the main characters transformed differently and in a positive healthy way. Nam became a head-turner in her conquest to be noticed by Shone which in...
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