Crazy in Alabama Summary

Topics: Police, Family, Constable Pages: 4 (1243 words) Published: December 10, 2011
The novel I chose is called Crazy in Alabama.
It takes place in Industry, Alabama in 1965
It moves back and forth between its two main characters.
1- Peejoe Bullis and his brother Wiley are orphans who live with their grandmother. 2- Lucille Vinson kills her husband Chester because he won't let her go to Hollywood to star in the sitcom The Beverly Hillbillies, where she has been cast for a 2-episode role. Lucille is Peejoe and Wiley's aunt, and the sister of Dove, another uncle of the two boys.

When Lucille goes to Hollywood with Chester's head in a Tupperware container after having poisoned him with rat poison, she leaves her seven children with her mother, so Grandma has no more place for Peejoe and Wiley. They have to go to live with Uncle Dove, who takes the boys to lucllie's house to find Chester’s body in the deep freezer. Dove tells Sheriff John Doggett, that they don't know where Lucille is heading for.

Meanwhile, on her way to New Orleans, Lucille can hear Chester's head talking to her making sarcastic comments. The assistant at the Fleur de Lys hat shop is a bit sarcastic at the beginning as well, but she is not so when Lucille buys a 500-dollar couture hat because she needs the hatbox to put Chester's head in. Later, Lucille stops at a bar, and a barman thinks she is a whore and is rude to her. She gets annoyed, and steals the barman's money and car.

Later on, she stops at a road coffee shop. There, Sally is a waitress, and realizes Lucille is being sought by the police, but she doesn't give her in. She talks to her for a while, and then she tells her to go without paying saying "it is on me". Because of the stolen car, Lucille gets pulled over by a police officer, who gets all excited hearing the story she is telling with sexual overtones. When they are kissing, Lucille handcuffs the police officer and steals his gun, although she leaves it outside the police station.

Back home, Peejoe sees black people lined up to register for...
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