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  • Published : April 4, 2013
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The poems “The Death of the Bird” and “Australia” written by the famous Australian poet A.D Hope are elegant pieces of literary art in which the technique of natural imagery has been employed both artistically and extensively, allowing both poems to be counted amongst the greatest English poems in the twentieth century. The carefully chosen words in which Hope transports the reader into a whole new world in which the ideas and the atmospheres of the poems are carved out by the very elements of the worlds themselves, permitting the reader feel and understand the poems through feeling and understanding of the world in which Hope surrounds them. The death of the bird sets upon the journey of a bird near the end of her life; a migration which will be her last, the final journey she will partake before the inevitable death come to her. Hope is able to use this imagery to sympathize with the reader as we are able to feel the despair of the situation ourselves: we are all on a migratory journey, one in which we partake whether or not by choice; we keep moving forward towards new hope as we attempts to run away from the misery that chases us, until the time we can run no more and death catches up. We too feel the despair and hopelessness as Hope constructs this image around us, in which the despite the urgent attempts drove purely on the power of love and instinct, her efforts are futile, and death finally catches up. Through Hope’s further portrayal of the bird’s loss of strength
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