Cracking the Wsa

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Cracking the WSA: For students who speak English as a second or foreign language Many students, who did not grow up speaking English as their first language often have difficulty with the WSA. The problems are often related to grammar issues, incorrect or awkward word usage, differences in the way that other cultures develop and organize essays, or simply having a lack of experience writing in English. The following tips and strategies are designed to guide students towards a better understanding of English, and hopefully, a better WSA score. Writing Fluency: Writing every day, in English, is very important. Having fluency with writing takes time, and the more comfortable you are the easier it will be to complete two essays in 90 minutes. Even just keeping a daily journal will increase your writing fluency in English. Suggested writing practice: Write one page in a journal every day. Or choose a position or persuasion task (from the internet or the Foster School’s practice essays), and write your response. Reading: Reading English every day, especially articles that are somewhat similar in style or tone to the WSA, will help you internalize the language so you can be more natural with your writing. Notice how the authors organize their articles, how they support their propositions, how they vary the sentence structures, how they transition from one thought to another, and how or if they relate their points back to the thesis. Suggested reading: The Economist, Business Week. Or start with something easier, like People or Time. Practice exams: There is one previously used exam available at the Foster School of Business, and the same one is used in the online workshop you can find on our web site. The Odegaard Writing Center also periodically offers workshops where a couple other previously released exams are available. However, you should not feel that you need to have actual WSA exams in order to practice. You can simply respond to an article in a magazine, or...
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