Cqu Satifaction with Students

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Australia offers many benefits to international students, because the university provide the international students high quality education, the beautiful natural scenery as well as the opportunity to experience life in Australia. At the same time, the Australia government win 16.3 billion (ABS, 2012) dollar in 2010, these parts of the revenue come from the full free paying international student and then the Australia pay back to university, and both international students and domestic students can gain the high education.


The purpose of this research was to investigate the satisfaction of the cqu facility. First, the facility of cqu cafeteria was comfortable or not. Second, to finding out the student’s response to toilets. The final aim was what the students thought about the classroom facility.


3.1 The sample

The sample was 25. These respondents come from different countries, and they have different education background, age, and gender. However, they all study at cqu syndy campus and majority of them are language school students

3.2 Data collection

The research data based on the questionnaire, and 25 respondents participate in this research. Initially, the research has 14 questions about cqu facility such as cafeteria and toilets and classrooms. In addition, this is research focus on the different extend satisfied and unsatisfied of the facility.

3.3 Finding

The pie graph depicts that overall enjoyment of cafeteria has five standards; it is not at all enjoyed, nurture, it is okay and completely enjoyed. Large majority students think the cafeteria is nurture; however, no one completely enjoyed the cafeteria. Only a few students think not at all enjoyed or not enjoyed. A fifth of all students select it is okay.

Figure 2show that the price of cafeteria was satisfied, unsatisfied and might be students did not about the price of cafeteria. Nearly half of students satisfied of the price of the cafeteria. One in three of students unsatisfied about the price. In addition, only a tiny minority student did not know the price of the cafeteria.

Figure 3 is a line chart; it shows that the space of the cafeteria, and the questionnaire provided four kinds of options. Dozens of respondents (40%) tend to the space of cafeteria is too small. Only one respondent (4%) thought too much space in cafeteria. In 28% respondents opinion, the cafeteria is enough apace. In addition, the same numbers of the respondents (28%) tend to more table and chains will be better.

The last research about cafeteria was lighting, the students hve different opinions for the cafeter lighting. The interesting is that no one thingk the lighting is too dark and too bright, and one in five students need more light, other just select it is good enough.

Turning to the cqu’s toilet and this bar chart shows gender respondents who participate in this research. According to the statisces, the male respondents (50%) and female respondents (44%) almost half and half attended this research

This a graph which illustrates the cleanliness of the toilets satisfied form I to 5, I means it is too bad, and 5 means everything is prefect. A majority of the respondents (60%) choose 4; it means the toilet is okay. No one select option of the toilet, which one is not clean; only one respondent felt the cleanliness of toilet is prefect. In addition, 2 respondents (8%) choose not at all clean. Other respondents may feel the cleanness just ok.

This is a column chart showing the facilities of toilets, it still include three level of the cqu toiltes, it is satisfied, so so and unsatified. The facilities of toilets roughly halved students satisfied 100%,and one in three students just think it is so so and unsatisfied.

This pie chart shows that the space...
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