Coyote Finishes Is Work

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  • Published : December 11, 2011
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This wonderful Native American story was retold by Barry Lopez. He was born in 1945 in Port Chester, New York. He grew up in Southern California and New York City and attended college in the Midwest before moving to Oregon, where he has lived since 1968. He is an essayist, author, and short-story writer. Lopez is best known for his books on natural history and environment (Barry 1). After graduating from the University Of Notre Dame (B.A., 1966; M.A.T., 1968), Lopez briefly attended the University of Oregon before leaving to become a full-time writer (Barry 1). In 1977 Lopez had created a collection of Native American archetype trickster stories. An archetype can be a character, a plot, or an image. The trickster is one important archetype in Native American story telling. Trickster stories are where characters who plays tricks on other characters in the story. They can be masters at lying, and they often rebel against authority. Sometimes the trickster is also creative and even helpful to a group of people. In this Native American story, the trickster is a coyote.

Coyote Finishes His Work is a wonderful oral story that has been passed down for years and also a story that gives an outstanding perspective of how the Native Americans come to believe how the world was created and how it will eventually be brought to an end one day. In the beginning of the story it starts off with telling the readers how Coyote did many wonderful things as he traveled the world. That he killed monsters and evil spirits that preyed on the people of the earth. Also, that he made the Indians, and put them out in tribes all over the world because Old Man Above or also know as God wanted the earth to be inhabited all over, not in just one aria. Coyote gave the Indians different names and thought them different languages. But, not everything that Coyote did was good. He was often foolish and he would always play tricks on people. He was too proud of himself and liked...
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