Cox Communication (Oligopolistic Report)

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Cox Communications (Oligopoly)
Jasmine N. Taylor
Bryant &. Stratton College
ECON 325: Microeconomics
Mr. Donald Waters
November 17, 2009

The essence of an oligopolistic market is that there are only a few sellers. The actions of any one seller in the market can have a huge impact on the profits of all the other sellers. Oligopoly firms are self independent in such a way that competitive firms are not. Each firm in an oligopoly should consider how its decision might affect the production decisions of all the other firms. (Mankiw, 2009, 2007) This essay will discuss an oligopoly on Cox Communications. Cox communications is a full service provider of telecommunications products, Cox offers an array of services, including Cox cable, advanced digital video programming services under the Cox Digital Cable Brand, high speed internet access under the brand Cox high speed internet, and commercial voice and data services via Cox Business Services. (Cambell, 2009) In addition Cox is an investor in programming networks including Discovery Channel.

At Cox communications, diversity is a critical part of our culture, values and business operations. Cox focused on representing, developing and valuing people. Cox is also committed to education. (Davis, 2008) Cox’s background, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats will be discussed in the following essay. This essay will also talk about Cox’s competitors, goals, commitments and how they expand their business. (Esser, 2009)

Background (Introduction)
Cox communications is characterized by many outstanding features, but likes to celebrate commitment to education. (Davis, 2008) Cox Enterprises, Inc. is the parent company of Cox Communications derives our vision and focus as a company. (Cambell, 2009)

In 1898, James M. Cox went from a school teacher to founder of the company. He also ran in the 1920 U.S. presidential election as the Democratic nominee. In the same year James M. Cox was the topic of the Dayton, OH evening news. The first step in creating a company that Cox Enterprise extensive interests, are in newspapers, television, radio and automobile auctions’. (Pete, 2008)

As the third largest cable entertainment and broadband services provider in the country, Cox communications pioneering the bundle of television. Internet and telephone services are offered together from one provider. For Cox, it is not about being the biggest; it is about being the best. (Cambell, 2009)

With over 6 million customers and over 22,000 employees, Cox is now one of the best in television leadership. (Esser, 2009) Cox Communications has been awarded for outstanding service in high speed internet, and being a major business provider. (Pete, 2008)

2009 (Awards)
Cox has been recognized for all sorts of awards, but we’re most proud of the contributions we have earned. We’re always striving to be more diverse, charity to many organizations we serve, and proud that organizations such as Diversity Inc and J.D. Power & Associates meet those goals. (wire, 1996) 2009 (enterprises, 2009)

* Diversity Inc list of top 50 companies for diversity: Cox communications ranks #17. Cox communication companies for LGBT employees and #7 in the diversity Inc top 10 companies for people pleaser. 2008 (enterprises, 2009)

* Cox received top honors in J.D. Power and Associates’ 2008 residential telephone studies. * Cox received the highest ranking in the western region among internet service providers internet service provider residential customer satisfaction study. * Cox received Human Rights Campaign Foundation Top Rating (100%) for 2009 Corporation. * WICT 2008 Woman of the Year: Jill Campbell, Senior Vice President, Operations. * Cox ranked Highest Among Small / Midsize Business Data Providers in J.D. Power and Associations Telecommunications Study * “Best High Speed Internet service in San Diego”, as published in the 2008 Best of San Diego. Since 1996,...
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