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Topics: Book design, School-based assessment, The Conclusion Pages: 2 (392 words) Published: November 15, 2010
ABSTRACT: This should give a brief idea of what the project is about. An example of the abstract is shown below: This School Based Assessment will investigate the factors contributing to the success of ABC Company. The findings of this investigation will be presented under three profile headings: Profile 1: Organisational Principles

Profile 2: Production and Marketing
Profile 3: Finance and Introduction to Economics
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: This should be presented on the back of the abstract page. It should recognise all the persons who have assisted you in any way where the SBA is concerned. This includes persons who gave guidance, invaluable information and moral support. METHODS OF DATA COLLECTION: In this section, you will indicate the instruments you used to obtain the information in your SBA, i.e., you will outline how you gathered data for your project. If a questionnaire was used, you should also state that a copy of the questionnaire is placed in the appendix. Interview questions should also be placed in the appendix. Please note that copies of your questionnaire and interview questions should be clean copies, i.e., without any responses. If observation was a part of your method of data collection, you should also make this clear. INTRODUCTION: A brief history/ background of the business should be presented in this section. It should not be a repetition of the abstract, neither should it go into any of the information that will be outlined in the project profiles. TABLE OF CONTENTS: This should be under the profile headings and should indicate page numbers for each sub-topic under the appropriate profile. Conclusion, bibliography and the appendix must also be listed in the table of contents as the last three headings outside of the three profile areas. A variation to this style is to include the abstract, acknowledgements, method of data collection and introduction in the table of contents with a different style of page numbering e.g. Next week I will...
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