Court Review

Topics: Law, Criminal justice, Crime Pages: 2 (754 words) Published: March 18, 2013
Court Issues
Paul Thomson
March 4 2013
Jeffrey Hooker

Court Issues
As we all know that the world of the criminal is always changing and the Law enforcement community needs to change with it. The biggest one would be the courts. There are many things that face the courts today. There are many issues facing the courts and the court administrator’s one problem is the use of plea bargaining in our court system. More than 90 percent of felony cases in the United States in any given year are disposed of via plea bargaining. When a criminal trial is tried this is away in determining the innocence or guilt of those in question, but when the plea bargain is used it is away for the accused to get a lesser sentence. In my option I think plea bargaining should only be used for lesser crimes. Because this is away for the accused to get out of the harsh sentence and get a less harsh sentence. The only thing with using the plea bargain less is that the courts are so understaffed and it would take so much longer for the courts to try a case. With the plea bargain it does help the overcrowded courts to get thru its cases. The next thing would be the language problem with the courts. Within our country, there is an acceptance of immigration leading to more culture diversity calling for a need for more language interpretation services. “Language barriers and barriers erected by cultural misunderstanding can render criminal defendants virtually absent from their own court proceedings” (“The Increasing Importance of Language", n.d.). “This then intensifies the importance of court interpretation as a management issue for the courts, which are increasingly compelled to use language interpreters in court proceedings” (“The Increasing Importance of Language", n.d.). Language interpretation services are not used as much as they should be in the past. That is why we need to start using this service more in the future, because we have a very diverse culture and many...
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