Court House Assignment

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On October 26th 2012 at approximately 9:30, I walked through the doors of the Superior Court of Justice in Newmarket located at 50 Eagle Street West with another fellow classmate. Upon arriving to the court house I wasn’t one hundred percent sure what I would witness. Walking through the big doors, there’s security with metal detectors, then again this is a court house and they have to provide as much security as possible to ensure that everyone is safe. After roaming around for a little bit of time, we decided that we should find a room to witness a trial in. It was around 10:00 that Kristal and I entered room 203 of the court house. The accused was Rohan Roberts and he was facing the charges of assault, possession of a controlled substance and theft under $5000. What had happened was Mr.Roberts was at the LCBO purchasing alcohol where he apparently tried to steal a bottle, when approached by a peace officer that works for the store he allegedly assaulted her by pushing her away. The accused was almost the same age as me just a year older or so but to see something facing charges such as that is ridiculous, then again there has been a person younger that has committed even worse crimes and have charges on them that you wouldn’t even believe. In this case I would have thought that the judge would be hard on Mr. Roberts for what he was being charged with but instead he was given a full disclosure. They did not want to charge him so they gave him the option of diversion to where he was sentenced to complete thirty hours of community service and to attend a drug and alcohol awareness course and the charges would be dropped. In my eyes he was lucky enough to be given a second option and not face those charges because any type of charges would look bad on a person especially at such a young age. My thoughts of a court house overall is I was blown away by how busy the court house is and knowing that it’s like this every day is unbelievable. I don’t think there would be...
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