Coursework Question 2

Topics: Agriculture, The Bahamas, Soil Pages: 2 (720 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Question 2
Objective Two

Farming in The Bahamas has many problems. List and explain FOUR [4] problems farmers face in The Bahamas. Give suggestions to help the farmers solve these problems.

Farmers in The Bahamas face many problems. This research will discuss four of these problems and give suggestions to solve them. The four problems which this research will discuss are: lack of fertile soil, uneven distribution of rain, poor transportation to market and poor attitude towards farming.

Firstly, let’s take a look at the lack of fertile soil, which makes it difficult for farmers to produce a good crop. The Bahamas has no real soil profile. It is shallow, does not retain fertility or water, and is always thin, patchy or stony. This is a problem because the crops will not grow properly and the soil will be of no use to farmers. Our soil is infertile because it has been overworked by earlier generations, and it doesn’t get all of the nutrients it needs to develop. To help the farmers solve this problem, I suggest that they apply to the government for Crown Lands that can be used because they are large areas of farmable lands. Another suggestion I would give is to use modern farming techniques such as fertilization systems, and making good use of compost manure to help the soil to develop more.

Secondly, the uneven distribution of rain in The Bahamas is another huge problem for farmers. Without rain, the crops will be unable to grow or get the sufficient nutrients that they need to develop properly. Water prevents the crops from withering or drying out. In the Bahamas, farmers have to deal with their crops withering, when the weather conditions are terrible and there is not enough rain water to supply the crops. This means that they would lose a great amount of crops due to the lack of rain. In order to prevent this, I suggest that the farmers develop and use irrigation, sprinkler and water cannon systems. This means that instead of worrying about your...
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