Country People

Topics: Thought, Mind Pages: 2 (769 words) Published: March 2, 2013
Hulga and Manley Pointer
Was there ever a plan in your head that you were so confident in, yet it backfired on you? Hulga from “Good Country People” plans to destroy Manley Pointer’s emotions, but he ended up stealing her leg. Hulga deserves what she had gotten, because karma is out there, and even though Hulga did not destroy Manley Pointers faith her intentions were to destroy him, and that was bad enough. Hulga’s thoughts and steps towards destroying Manley Pointer ended up in a tragedy Hulga did not expect, yet this becomes a moment that can change Hulgas faith. Hulga is different from everyone and had her own set of different beliefs. Unlike any other girl, Hulga did not try to be beautiful or impress anyone. Hulga thinks differently about the world and about everyone else. Hulga’s real name is Joy, Hulga changes it because it completely did not represent her. Hulga’s appearance is odd so she chose a name just like it. “ Mrs. hopewell was certain that she had thought and thought until she had hit upon the ugliest name in any language, then she had gone and had the beautiful name Joy changed without telling her mother until after she had done it, her legal name was Hulga”. Hulga is negative about life in every way, she takes advantage of every opportunity to make herself appear disturbing. “When Hulga stomped into the kitchen in the morning ( she could walk without making the awful noise, but she made it- Mrs. Hopewell was certain--- because it was ugly-sounding)”. Hulga destroys herself intentionally, but also wants to destroy Manley Pointers faith.

Hulga wants to destroy Manley pointers faith. She tries to do that in her unclever way . Her plan is to make Manley pointer fall deeply in love with her and then find out who she really was. She “Had thought about it half the night”. Even though Hulga takes a long time thinking about it, Her plan was not wise because Hulga had no idea what the boy was like and had no background information on him and where...
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