Counselling: Learning and Client

Topics: Learning, Self-awareness, Awareness Pages: 3 (853 words) Published: May 28, 2013

Learning outcomes Unit 1

To begin a counselling session, ensure that the room the session takes place will be easily accessible for the client, and that there will be no surrounding noise that will cause a distraction. The room must be set within the counsellors guide lines and will be adhered to accordingly. All phones must be switched off, there shouldn’t be any sharp objects in the room that could cause harm to the client and counsellor.

I would discuss with the client what their expectations are from the therapeutic relationship and that the method of help is person centred, and will empower the client to come to their own solutions and clarify with the client their understanding of the helping relationship

As a counsellor I would identify and agree the boundaries of the helping relationship. To maintain time keeping and sessions, To facilitate the helping relationship, to keep the client and counsellor safe, and not disclose personal information. Gain the clients consent to have information being written about them. If the counsellor feels the need to share information given from client that is apparent someone is at risk or that the client is, then counsellor makes the client aware that confidence will be broken.

The potential impact of myself on the relationship, would be facilitating the BACP ethical frame work, and implementing the core conditions, in a person centred approach that will empower the client to open up to their issues and clearly help them develop and come to their own conclusions/solutions.

Before beginning the helping relationship I would draw up a contract with the client based on the BACP frame work. The time and sessions will be discussed and agreed. I would point out the safety aspect of the building and inform the client of the importance of confidentiality and the exceptions of the confidentiality being broken. I would make the client aware that all information I...
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