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Topics: Truth, Decision making, Education Pages: 3 (810 words) Published: January 7, 2013
Reflective Judgment Theory

Ophelia Beasley

Grand Canyon University: PCN518

December 5, 2012

There are several stages of reflective judgment theory; each stage is divided into three levels. The level is pre reflective, quasi-reflective, and reflective thinking. Pre Reflective stage is the student believes what they hear or what they have seen. Quasi-reflective thinking is when a student makes his own conclusion on an issue and then researches it to find “truth”. The student will make a decision based gut feelings or just what feels right. At this stage, a student will believe what he wants to believe, however, understand others will have different views and respect that both could be right. Reflective judgment is when a student is able to compare different evidence and opinions and construct solution personally. Possible selves involve a student looking at what he could possibly be in the future. When a student struggle or dismiss the value of education, it can be speculated that his is in the pre reflective stage of the reflective judgment theory.

Helping a student move from a lower level into the next level of reflective judgment theory can be challenging but possible. This student who is in stage one, would not value education as much and would consider getting a job rather than an education because they can even though they are capable off concrete thinking but usually believe what they see is and never search for the truth. It is also the stage where students do not research or examine their truth. It is important to guide a student when he is in this stage. It would be beneficial for the student to examine his possible self. If he reflect on where he is and where he could be, he must also reflect on how he will get there successfully. If a student is dismissing the value of an education, he is probably in this stage. In order to move him forward, one must try to encourage him to seek other truths and research...
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