Topics: Sociology, Value, Feeling Pages: 3 (1099 words) Published: May 16, 2013
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Learning journal week 7
Material covered within the session
Started of with 20 minutes of portfolio work, then went on to do my check in and this weeks theme was sports. I chose to be a game of golf as felt tired and slow today. Then I done a recap of last week, I normally have my folder on my lap when doing this and normally look through my notes to remind me of what was covered last week so i had something to input to the class, but my folder was on the floor, so i went to pick it up while Phil was talking which meant I was not listening to him at level 3 so Paula mentioned this out and as she done so i felt the whole class looking at me which made me embarrassed and go red in the face, I had to cover my face with my hands so that no one could see my face and I asked everyone to stop looking at me. Not sure why this happened but it put me a funny mood for the rest of the day and was very upset with myself. I felt like i did not input much this week as was feeling crap. Then i went on to talk about values and beliefs and the difference between the two, this can be confusing as i use both to guide my actions and behaviour towards different things, Value means the morals of life and personal beliefs and what matters to me, i.e. How important family and friends are to me. Beliefs is what I believe to be right (even without proof or evidence).i.e. I believe to have routine in my children's life. We done a group discussion and gave a few examples of what we all thought value and belief meant. Value; something taught ..right from wrong

Rules to live
important to you but not someone else
Beliefs; Religion or non-religion
Race, culture
Own opinion
I then went on to do a task (see page s4p14 ) in my group of 4. Page number 2
Emma page
When doing this task i found that we all had different value’s and beliefs which effected our choices for the task but in...
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