Counseling Case Study

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  • Published : January 28, 2011
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Counseling Case Study
Compiled by Jeannie MacAdams for The Paper Store, May, 2000

Marjory Winkler lived the several years of her childhood and adolescence in misery born both of circumstances and her own reaction to them. Her single encounter with a counselor allowed her to discover through the counselor's skillful maneuvering some realities of not only her own life, but that of her mother's as well. Whether Marjory sought additional counseling after this one session is unclear; it is only known that she did not return to this particular psychologist. Regardless of whether Marjory sought additional counseling or not, later reports indicated that Marjory had been able to craft a life for herself after all, one that apparently was satisfying and fulfilling for her despite her rough start.

Hatred of the Mother
It is common for adolescents to claim to hate one or both parents; the one hated the most generally will be the one with the greatest level of direct control over the adolescent. It is not a mark of lasting difficulty with life for the adolescent to have such feelings, for it is the "job" of the adolescent to begin to break free of parents and home so that the young adult can strike out on his own and begin to carve his own path. Without a reason for the adolescent to leave home, then such a move would be even more difficult than it is under normal circumstances. In the case of a controlling parent who insists on plotting children's lives, it is often only a crisis that will allow the break to occur. Marjory's mother superficially appears to be a highly controlling parent, but Marjory discovered during the course of the session that her mother faced difficulties of her own and carried the responsibility of supporting the family even before Marjory's father's suicide. Marjory did come to realize that her mother likely was operating under intense pressures herself. Whether the adolescent truly hates the parent or whether the parent...
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