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Page Introduction Background Roles of Leadership Analysis Helen Gurley Brown with Leadership Theories Emotional Intelligence Factor to become Leader Ethical Leadership in Helen Gurley Brown Personal Achievement Corporate Achievement Legacy Conclusion References 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 8 9 9 10 11

We can image that traditional women had to stay at home and old-fashioned in the past. The roles of society during 1940 to 1960, men were forced to fight in World War II, thousands of women had to stand for themselves. Some of them had not heard homecoming from their partner. They were alone, lack of confidence and unrealized nature of life. But everything has changed since she stepped up to Cosmopolitan magazine as an editor in Hearst Corporation Company. She expressed to audience was sexually centre message which influence single women about sexual revolution. As well as she showed the scene in the past that executive management is the man does not mean that women cannot work in this position. As a modern woman, Helen Gurley Brown is her name as a corporate leader which I admired her about her thought that influence a unique concept of the modern woman to express the follower and got accomplish. This assignment will analysis her leadership trait, theory and her style, the ways she led the organization and empower women by present the role of leadership, her personal and corporate achievement, her ethical decision making of leader and her legacy.


Helen Marie Gurley Brown was born on February 18th, 1922 in a modest circumstances family in Green Forest, Arkansas. In sorrowfully elevator accident made her father died when she was only 10 and her mother became extremely depressed. Her family struggled with financial issue. In 1937, she moved to Los Angeles with family. Her sister was stuck with poliomyelitis which this disease made her handicapped from waist down.

In spite of her difficult situation life, Helen concentrated on her studying. She thrived academically in the ranking one in ten of the classroom at John H. Francis Polytechnic High School. After graduated she studied at Texas State College but financial reasons made her was forced out. She started studying as secretarial school at Woodbury Business College. In 1948, after graduated the secretarial jobs were her first career and her writing was interesting so she was asked to work at advertising agency firm Foote Cone & Belding. With her intelligence, her boss Don Belding promoted her a copywriter position. In 1959, Helen married with a Hollywood producer, David Brown. He encouraged her to write a single life book. „Sex and the Single Girl‟ was success. In 1960, she grew to be the best-paid copywriter in the country with awards at Frances Holmes Advertising Copywriters (Yates V. 2013). In 1962, the largest-selling sensation book „Sex and the Single Girl‟ was awarded that it encouraged women before marriage with sexual relationships and some pieces of advice to overcome the financially independent situation (Driscoll M. 2012). It was a significant book. It was a skyrocket to move Helen to universally pop idol after launched those books. Releasing the book showed her empowerment. She was offered from Cosmopolitan magazine to be editor under Hearst Corporation.

Cosmopolitan magazine positioning was for housewives readers in the past, the articles inside all about cooking, household and family, children managing and some fiction novel. She was a hardworking editor as recording from the Hearst Corporation. Helen brought a fresh lifestyle into the magazine by influence women to stand for and revolution women‟s life by pass the message to readerships about sexual freedom, love romance relationship and fashion trends. Later, Cosmopolitan Magazine and Helen Gurley Brown were widespread in the new market positioning of new feminism. New style of Cosmopolitan 2

Magazine‟s circulation drew attention American women from 800,000...
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