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The way in which Calvino conveys his thoughts throughout Cosmicomics in simple terms was perplexing. Without any background information as to when the piece was published originally it was hard to determine what time era the work was from. Was it a Romantic piece or a modern day wonder? The ever flowing word structure with an eloquent description about almost everything made it seem that is may have been from the Romantic period but upon further analysis it was ruled out. The constant stringing of ideas and building off them in a way seemed to advanced for that time period. The copious science fiction references about the universe was also a tell sign. However, the romance and human qualities that Calvino applied to natural wonder like the moon not only created a sense of he sublime it has that feel good quality of a Romantic piece.

Off the bat Calvino uses the unconventional author Qfwfq to set a tone of the universal sublime,"Naturally, we were all there where else could we have been? Nobody knew then that there could be space. Or time, either: What use did we have for time, packed in there like sardines? (43)" Qfwfq often begins each passage with a scientific analysis that as the reader not only makes you feel small in the grand scheme of things but also at times can seem quite dry. Explanations on topics such as how the universe was formed at times can be dragged out but when Calvino applies human emotions to them everything just seems that more relatable. Untouchable natural phenomenons such as the rotation of the moon don't seem so unfathomable when they are involved in a love triangle displaying typical human emotions. Play on topics of time and space
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